Thursday, January 14, 2010

Special drink with Umami

My new friend Bree is cute and fun and funny. She's turning out to be a great road companion. She had this awful manager who was just using her good looks to pave his way. And I um..sort of rescued her from that situation.

Bree just loves my Bloody Marys. There are very special Bloody Marys as you might image.

The ingredients in it will help complete her transformation into a vampire and also bind her to my clan. Plus, the blood I get is very nutritious and the best money can buy. It's full of omega 3's and rates a 97 in Vampire Gourmet.

So you know that celery stick in the Bloody Mary? She has this habit of throwing it out the window, especially when we are driving down the road. There must be a trail of celery sticks criss crossing the southern US by now. They're biodegradable, right?

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