Monday, December 13, 2010

The Store is Open for Business


DVDs and posters are on sale at the site

Click here

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Videos Have Arrived!

The DVDs of our movie, Bikini Vampire Babes, have finally arrived! The studio is so excited. It was just pure luck that I was there when the UPS truck drove up. Or, maybe it helped that I flagged the driver down!

The .com site should be ready to sell them soon, so don't forget to buy a few extra and tuck them into your friend's stockings for the holidays!

Some of my fans have asked about getting a copy of the poster so there will be an 18" x 24" versions of it on sale too. I hear there are some possible plans for upcoming events where I could personally sign them for you! I'll be sure to let you know times and locations.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

IMDB page for BVB

Hooray! Our movie, Bikini Vampire Babes now has an imdb page! Our 15 minutes of fame hasn't run out yet. It still needs a bit of work, but when you get a chance, check it out.

This is the latest word on the dvd's of the movie. It is being shipped on December 6th, so we should have them in our hot little hands later that week. Cast and crew can come by and pick up their free copy. We will also have movie posters for sale.

The rest of you should watch the page to place orders.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Waiting for the DVD

If you missed the premier, you missed some good rowdy fun. The crowd settled in with beer and popcorn and proceeded to laugh and holler with the movie. Thanks to everyone who attended and showed their support!

The DVD of the movie is being replicated and prepped for distribution. There will be a few fun extras on it, so look for the DVD to be available the week after Thanksgiving. It will be offered on the website, What perfect timing. Purchase and give them as stocking stuffers to your friends. Hopefully there will be posters too!

In the meanwhile, look for me dancing in the crowd. I'll be wearing a smile.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Premier Today!

The day has finally arrived and "Bikini Vampire Babes" debues tonight! I can't wait to see it. I hope lots of you are coming to view it with the cast and crew. Let's party!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Days Until the Premier!

Everything is finally coming together for the premier of the movie and everyone involved is really excited! Grab some popcorn, candycorn and a beer and join us in our very first screening of "Bikini Vampire Babes". Only three more days to go!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Correction: Premier Screening on Halloween

Think you're seeing double? If you were here recently, you might think you have already read about this. Yes, I've been known to be a bit hasty, so forgive me for that, please? Let's try it again.....

The long awaited and highly anticipated showing of Bikini Vampire Babes will finally occur at the City Arts Center, 3000 General Pershing Blvd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Halloween night is a most appropriate time for the event. The showing is at 6:30 pm. When I last checked, the screening was no longer a private screening, so the general public is invited and there will be a small admission charge.

I can't hardly wait! But I may have to expand my wardrobe and dress up in something besides a black bikini, especially if we go out somewhere afterwards to prowl.

I just love a midnight snack.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Pillow Passion

While bvb suntan lotion with spf 1000 allows us to get around outside during the day, it doesn't mean we don't sleep. I like my beauty rest just like the next gal. 

Books and movies make it seem like vampires can sleep in various unappealing places . Bare, hard coffins are bad enough, but in Dead Until Dark, the author has vampires just diving into the dirt! Do you know what that does to a manicure?

Recently, I came across a site named With a name like that I had to check it out and it turned out to be a site that rates beds, pillows, even dog beds!  I had no idea there were so many types of pillows. I've been so restless lately, I need one that will let me sleep like the dead.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Travel and Movie Update

Minion suggested we take a road trip to visit some blood relations up north. It seemed like a good idea since the summer has been so hot here in the southern U.S. Plus we just get the itch to travel and check out new places for fresh blood.

We made our way up through Illinois where our "relatives" took us out for late night snacking in Chicago. There were lots of tasty ethnic areas of town, good music and lots of fun.

Then we drove as far as Milwaukee before coming home. That Wisconsin cheese was pretty tasty blood clogging stuff.

I was enjoying prowling new places but work on the movie called us back. Stu is now ready for the ADR and the music track is starting to shape up.

By the way, Bree looks absolutely delicious in the movie, but Tom, her manager is another matter. I'm sure you'll agree that  Resa and Jane are pretty tasty looking snacks too. The picture above is of Jane, Resa, Dick and moi.

I get the feeling the movie could be done in a couple of months if all goes well. Maybe I can plan the opening. Hope you can attend as I'm dying to see all of you there. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Latest Movie News

It  was time to check in on the movie's progress and I found Stu at the studio working hard on editing.

All that green screened stuff has slowed him way down. His comment of   "I'll fix it in the mix" is taking a whole lot more stirring than anticipated. But, it is slowly getting done and the rough cut is almost viewable.

Now, for some music! Talk is that a local band is helping us out and making some original sounds for us. I can't wait! I hope it's sexy.

Maybe I should go find some editing help for Stu. Someone that can work on the movie at nights like a little elf. I'm feeling a touch hungry anyway.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleeping Vampire Beauty


I guess I've been out of touch for a bit, huh? Sometimes I just need a good long rest.

Someone once asked if we still sleep in coffins. Hah! What a dead giveaway. That's like asking to get it in the chest isn't it?

Modern innovations have made it possible for modern vampires to get around a lot better than they used to. And talk about modern vampires....there's one under every rock or at least on every other channel on tv.

Have you watched "Ugly Americans"  on the comedy channel?  I can't tell you why I'm so amused by it, but I am. Not only are there demons, zombies and vampires, but all kinds of talking body parts and talking animals and blobs which come out of the caustic, contaminated ponds. 

The demons are my favorite.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Fun

Is Cinco de Mayo celebrated in Mexico? Looks like it began in the 1860's in California and while it does celebrate the Hispanic culture, it's not really a big holiday south of the border.

Oh, well, it's a great time to just get out and enjoy the food and festivities and I like a good party. The always unsuspecting crowd is great for snacking too!

All that lime and might just sting a little when I nibble on your neck. Of course, if my victim is partying hardy, they won't notice so much. Say, did you see the size of the mosquitos down by the canal?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Various Bits of News

Hey! Go check out the page for the  british movie, "Lesbian Vampire Killers". I love how it is set up like a comic book which flips open and when you scroll over the characters, there's a fun sound bite.

The movie finally popped up in local rentals as "Vampire Killers". What's the matter? Are the distributers in the US afraid of the word lesbians? I watched the movie. The girls were cute and it was good for a couple of laughs, but why do they always want to kill the vampires?

I've also added "The Vampires of Bloody Island" to my list. It's soon to be released in the US but it looks like the vampires explode in that movie! Huh, not sure what to think of that.

Stu called me into the studio this past week to have me check out the progress of our movie. It's actually coming along quite nicely now. I watched the oil wrestling scene with Bree. She was defeating all her opponents until she had some kind of flashback. Personally, I think it had to do with some energy drain prompted by 17 herbs and spices . That can really zap a newbie vampire in no time. You will just have to decide for yourself when you see it.

Conestoga, the science fiction and fantasy convention held in Tulsa, Oklahoma is happening this weekend, April 23-25. Look for our trailer and our postcards featuring me and Bree if you happen to attend.  

Until next time, 

Monday, April 5, 2010

That Ugly Jewelry

This past week, spring finally arrived!  It also brought some relations from the Chicago area who showed up at my place. I hadn't seen them in a hundred years! Well, OK, it was only last century, but it seems like a long time so it was great to see them.

One evening we were eating blood orange sorbet and discussing edible options. There's definitely an excess when it comes to beer, beef and butter in the south. Good thing we are already made as we could become blimps eating like that! You just can't believe how much diet really affects  the blood. And then there's the taste. Ugh!

All of that reminds me of Tom, Bree's manager (or whatever he is). He emailed me! Who gave him my address???  Of all the nerve....  And what does he say, but the same old thing. "I'm going to get you, Lizette!"

Yeah, whatever!

Here's an image of him with that ugly jewelry.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dallas Dining

The living and the undead are in agreement that this has been one long, cold, dreary winter. I've lived in warmer climates for most of my vampire life and I enjoy green grass and blue skies and ocean. 

I thought going south we'd see warmer weather. It's been a while since I've seen my relations in Dallas, so I took a little trip there and what should happen? It got all grey and it freaking snowed!!!!  

It makes a vampire just want to crawl into a coffin and sleep for another month.

Well, we made the best of it by shopping a bit and scouting out a lovely meal. Bolsa in the Bishop Arts district is a great place for doing just that. Incredible bloody marys are to found there, plus, a trendy unsuspecting crowd. The bloody marys are made with a jalapeno  infused vodka done on the premises.

A few blocks south of there is a tiny candy shop called Dude, Sweet!  I talked the owner into making me specially filled dark chocolates. Can't wait until they arrive in the mail, but I 'm making do with the marzipan stuffed dates and the mushroom toffee.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marscon Adventure

The bikini contests have been good to me lately but the most exciting news this week came from Minnesota.

A very good friend of mine attended Marscon 2010 which is held each year in Minneapolis. Loretta McKibben, the science guest of honor and longtime feminist, was a guest speaker and she helped to promote our movie, Bikini Vampire Babes. She reports that the BVB trailer was a big hit at Marscon and that everyone enjoyed it and was quite excited about it.  She also said that she never thought she'd be hawking a movie about vampire women in bikinis, but she enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you Loretta! All of us that are involved with the movie really appreciate your help.

I am aware that is still under construction, but there are people working on it, so check back periodically to see what has been added.

In the meanwhile, look for news of us at some of the upcoming science fiction and fantasy cons that are in the Oklahoma area.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Many people have been asking how the movie is going, so I decided I should drop in on editing to see what was happening. I found Stewart, Stan's twin brother doing the editing.

The conversation went something like this
Me:  Hi there. People are always asking when the movie will be out.

Stu:  Hopefully, this fall. Do you want to see some of the scenes?

Me:  Sure, sweetie. I'd love to!

     So, we look at a few scenes.

Stu:  So, hey-- aren't they fun!

Me:  Ummm, is this all you have done???

Stu:  Yeah, you know, I'm only one guy and I have real paying jobs to take care of.

Me:  (I'm thinking, what a whiner, but instead I say)  Is there anything I can do to help?

Stu: Wow, sure. This place is a dump, could you maybe sweep? And oh yeah, if you have time, run the dishes and clean the bathroom. First of all, I could really use a drink out of the frig. And make sure you don't touch the computers!

Me:  Humph. That's not really what I had in mind. (At this point, I'm debating on whether I should juice this guy, but I really need him to edit and I don't typically add men to my clan)

Stu:  You kind of have a funny look on you face.
         You don't have to leave mad.

Me:  I just remembered I have an appointment to get my nails done. Ciao.
        Oh, and hire a housekeeper.

Stu:  Wait, wait, I have this delivery you can make on your way...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines

When I was human, my heart was broken by a dashing young man. He didn't even take notice of me. How heartless!
I always think of him briefly on Valentine's day. He never would have guessed that I would grow up to be such a heart stopper.

But enough of that. Valentine's day is such a fun day to celebrate. All those lovely candy hearts and red, red hearts on cards and ads. Hearts are everywhere!

What's your favorite? Chocolate or the little sugar candy ones? And how about the ones boxed up and dressed to surprise? It's making me a little hungry to tell you the truth. I'm going out to prowl and to see what I can find in the way of a valentine sweet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stuck in Oklahoma

Members of my clan live in various place across the world. I call them my blood relatives and it's a great way to travel and have a cozy place to stay.  Of course, I no longer have relatives in Puerto Rico because of a couple of  "vampire hunters"  but that's another story.

This past weekend was a real wash. My relatives were planning a fun Sedona weekend. I couldn't wait to check out the vortex action. Maybe even go up to Flagstaff for some skiing. But on the drive out, I got stuck in an ice and snow storm in Oklahoma.  And It was so cold, it nearly froze my undead blood!

My little car wasn't made for that kind of weather. And no, I wasn't about to change into a bat and fly through sleet. No frost bitten wings for me.

There wasn't much to do but scan the menu while hanging out in the hotel bar. Of course, I chatted with some cute guys, and there were lots of tasty options. So much so that I decided the buffet was the way to go. When they woke up in the morning they probably thought that giant bed bugs had bitten them. 

Friday, January 29, 2010

Have You Seen This?

Some of you have already seen the move trailer, but just in case you haven't, you can get to it right here

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shall We Dance?

I love to dance. Many of my close friends and associates already know that I dance at a local hookah bar. Hey, that's not a hooker bar! But just in case you don't know, a hookah is a water pipe for tobacco. I know what you were thinking!

You might be asking where I am? Let's just say I'm centrally located, so I might just be in your neighborhood.

Watch out guys--- I already have Minion as a facilitator, so you might just be a midnight snack!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Special drink with Umami

My new friend Bree is cute and fun and funny. She's turning out to be a great road companion. She had this awful manager who was just using her good looks to pave his way. And I um..sort of rescued her from that situation.

Bree just loves my Bloody Marys. There are very special Bloody Marys as you might image.

The ingredients in it will help complete her transformation into a vampire and also bind her to my clan. Plus, the blood I get is very nutritious and the best money can buy. It's full of omega 3's and rates a 97 in Vampire Gourmet.

So you know that celery stick in the Bloody Mary? She has this habit of throwing it out the window, especially when we are driving down the road. There must be a trail of celery sticks criss crossing the southern US by now. They're biodegradable, right?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year

Minion and I had a great holiday season. Lots of fun and festivities.

But now the holidays are done and the after Christmas shopping has been picked over. What's left is the dregs. 

That pretty much sums up what happens after any type of high.

At this low time of year, even a good victim or two isn't enough to lift my spirits. I'm looking for that certain someone to join my clan.

Maybe someone to snuggle with me. Could it be you? I promise I won't bite!