Thursday, August 26, 2010

Travel and Movie Update

Minion suggested we take a road trip to visit some blood relations up north. It seemed like a good idea since the summer has been so hot here in the southern U.S. Plus we just get the itch to travel and check out new places for fresh blood.

We made our way up through Illinois where our "relatives" took us out for late night snacking in Chicago. There were lots of tasty ethnic areas of town, good music and lots of fun.

Then we drove as far as Milwaukee before coming home. That Wisconsin cheese was pretty tasty blood clogging stuff.

I was enjoying prowling new places but work on the movie called us back. Stu is now ready for the ADR and the music track is starting to shape up.

By the way, Bree looks absolutely delicious in the movie, but Tom, her manager is another matter. I'm sure you'll agree that  Resa and Jane are pretty tasty looking snacks too. The picture above is of Jane, Resa, Dick and moi.

I get the feeling the movie could be done in a couple of months if all goes well. Maybe I can plan the opening. Hope you can attend as I'm dying to see all of you there. 

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