Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bubonicon Update

The Evil Macintosh Queen (aka Loretta) met with author George R. R. Martin at Bubonicon science fiction and fantasy convention in Albuquerque. Most of you know that Martin is the bestselling author of many books and the highly rated Game of Thrones TV series on HBO. He is now the proud new owner of a copy of BVB and he says he is anxious to see the movie! A big thank you to George.
I hope you enjoy it!

Alas, there was no dedicated video room, but the trailer for BVB was shown Saturday night at the convention's "Saturday Nite Cinema Theatre" hosted by Adam J. Brown, which featured another independent flick called Stiffed by Devin O. Leary of Alburquerque. Stiffed featured bank robbers turned zombies.

More than 600 people are attending Bubonicon including authors Diana Gabaldon, Ben Bova, Connie Willis, Mario Acevedo and many others.

George R. R. Martin with a copy of Bikini Vampire Babes(please note he is not endorsing the movie for legality's sake)
Carolin K. volunteering at the convention sales booth where they are selling Bikini Vampire Babes
Thanks Bubonicon!

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