Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stuck in Oklahoma

Members of my clan live in various place across the world. I call them my blood relatives and it's a great way to travel and have a cozy place to stay.  Of course, I no longer have relatives in Puerto Rico because of a couple of  "vampire hunters"  but that's another story.

This past weekend was a real wash. My relatives were planning a fun Sedona weekend. I couldn't wait to check out the vortex action. Maybe even go up to Flagstaff for some skiing. But on the drive out, I got stuck in an ice and snow storm in Oklahoma.  And It was so cold, it nearly froze my undead blood!

My little car wasn't made for that kind of weather. And no, I wasn't about to change into a bat and fly through sleet. No frost bitten wings for me.

There wasn't much to do but scan the menu while hanging out in the hotel bar. Of course, I chatted with some cute guys, and there were lots of tasty options. So much so that I decided the buffet was the way to go. When they woke up in the morning they probably thought that giant bed bugs had bitten them. 

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