Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dallas Dining

The living and the undead are in agreement that this has been one long, cold, dreary winter. I've lived in warmer climates for most of my vampire life and I enjoy green grass and blue skies and ocean. 

I thought going south we'd see warmer weather. It's been a while since I've seen my relations in Dallas, so I took a little trip there and what should happen? It got all grey and it freaking snowed!!!!  

It makes a vampire just want to crawl into a coffin and sleep for another month.

Well, we made the best of it by shopping a bit and scouting out a lovely meal. Bolsa in the Bishop Arts district is a great place for doing just that. Incredible bloody marys are to found there, plus, a trendy unsuspecting crowd. The bloody marys are made with a jalapeno  infused vodka done on the premises.

A few blocks south of there is a tiny candy shop called Dude, Sweet!  I talked the owner into making me specially filled dark chocolates. Can't wait until they arrive in the mail, but I 'm making do with the marzipan stuffed dates and the mushroom toffee.


  1. Hey Lizette, what's your opinion on "white chocolate" ? I don't even consider it a chocolate do you?

  2. My actual, honest and true reaction to this was to run to the pantry and eat some black cocoa covered almonds. If there's no cocoa solids in it, how can you call it chocolate? Crayola chocolate scented crayon is brown, not off white!

    And just because I'm a vampire doesn't mean that I've lost my taste buds! What's wrong with those Twilight vampires anyway? Maybe it's not nourishing, but good food is good food.