Monday, April 5, 2010

That Ugly Jewelry

This past week, spring finally arrived!  It also brought some relations from the Chicago area who showed up at my place. I hadn't seen them in a hundred years! Well, OK, it was only last century, but it seems like a long time so it was great to see them.

One evening we were eating blood orange sorbet and discussing edible options. There's definitely an excess when it comes to beer, beef and butter in the south. Good thing we are already made as we could become blimps eating like that! You just can't believe how much diet really affects  the blood. And then there's the taste. Ugh!

All of that reminds me of Tom, Bree's manager (or whatever he is). He emailed me! Who gave him my address???  Of all the nerve....  And what does he say, but the same old thing. "I'm going to get you, Lizette!"

Yeah, whatever!

Here's an image of him with that ugly jewelry.

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